Maru Kokila – Nightingale of the Desert
Seema Mishra’s Journey as Top Vocalist of Rajasthan
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Lata Mangeshkar of Rajasthan
Reality Show Sensation. Folk Singer. Life of Any Live Event.
Seema Mishra – Beautiful Voice of India
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Ghoomar – Blockbuster Rajasthani Song
Her Golden Voice Continues to Create Soulful Music


3rd November, 1976 – Rajasthan got its singing sensation and pride, Seema Mishra. Personifying the rich cultural heritage of India, Seema was born in Jhunjhunu, a temple city in the Bisau district of Rajasthan. 

Her soulful tunes have won Seema the coveted name of ‘Maru Kokila’ – crown of desert nightingale. Oft called the ‘Lata Mangeshkar of Rajasthan’, she portrays Hindi and Rajasthani music in the most beautiful way. The very mention of her name triggers off waves of rich, sweet melodies.

With unlimited support and motivation from her family, fans, and the society at large, Seema is accredited with several music albums and songs. “Ghoomar” – the lilting folk song that shot her to fame, is loved by millions, globally. 

Seema has won hundreds of prestigious awards and accolades. Always the ace performer in contests and competitions, she has starred in musical events and stage shows worldwide. Overall, her journey so far, as a vocalist and stage performer, has been noteworthy and inspirational.



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Stage shows in India, specifically Rajasthan, are incomplete without Seema Mishra’s golden voice. She’s the face behind the immortal “Ghoomar” song that shot her to fame. Singer of thousands of popular songs, Seema is the celebrity people wait for. Mesmerize your audience with a hypnotic blend of rhythm and melodies. Book her performance to enchant live audiences with songs for all seasons, festivals, moments and moods!



Rang Rasiya 2019

Vidhadhar nagar stediyam vikash samiti Seema Mishra rang rasiya

ओसवाल मोछब Part 2

स्वर कोकिला सीमा मिश्रा के मधुर गीत Seema Mishra Live II ओसवाल मोछब Part 2 2019 II

Shree Hari Satsang Samiti Soorat

Shree Hari Satsang Samiti Soorat Seema Mishra Songs, Seema Mishra Rajasthani Singer


Rang Rasiya 2020

Vidhadhar nagar stediyam vikash samiti Seema Mishra rang rasiya



Jai Ganesh Deva

Ram Mandir Bhoomi Poojan

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