The Singing Sensation – Lata Mangeshkar of Rajasthan

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Seema Mishra – this mere name is enough to bring India’s music and beautiful culture to life!

Her mention creates waves of beautiful notes and tunes that Rajasthan is so famous for. Seema personifies the grace and charisma of Rajasthani civilization in every possible way.

No wonder, she is called the Maru Kokila – ‘The Desert Nightingale’ or ‘Cuckoo of the Desert’.


Early Life and Start of Musical Journey

Seema was born on 3rd November, 1976. Her birthplace, Jhunjunu, in the hot and scorching Bisau district of Rajasthan. This ‘Temple City in Rajasthan’ has witnessed her as a child singer. Nowadays, Jhunjhunu prides itself as the mentor of a celebrity of international repute. Her first introduction to music started as a hobby. Even in her childhood years, she was noticed for her heart-warming and sweet voice. The command she had over musical strains left her audience mesmerized and awestruck. Because of her singing talent, the sand dunes, long strings of camels, lush oasis, and vibrant culture of the region has attained an altogether new identity! Seema was the much-awaited child singer in school, family gatherings and stage shows. It’s a wonderful thing that this little humming bird of Jhunjhunu is now the pride of Rajasthan, India and the world at large.

Seema Mishra - Motivation And Support

Her journey as a regional and Bollywood singer has certainly been a long and commendable one. The unending support of her doting family members gave Seema the courage to keep moving forward. Her voice was loved and appreciated everywhere she went, every time she sang. At every step, her efforts to make a difference to the world of Rajasthani music was supported by one and all. This encouragement and support were not limited to her friends, peers and families. The society at large, big music companies, and her large fan following cheered her music goals at each stage. The appraisals received by the Government of Rajasthan, bigwigs in the film industry, as well as the common people, helped her move from one career milestone to the next. What a feat!

Musical Life – Important Milestones

Seema’s albums are well-lauded and heard by millions of fans, globally. Her first commercial break can be attributed to an album of bhajans dedicated to “Do Jhati Balaji”. Back then, her soulful voice touched the hearts of all those who heard her audio cassette for the first time. This much-awaited break came Seema’s way in Fatehpur. It was 1993. And her musical powers were unleashed. Since then till date, Seema has been unstoppable in all her musical charades. She has over 75 albums to her name. Over a period of time, Seema has worked with reputed music companies like Shemaroo Music, Veena Music, T-series, Venus, Classic, Mayur, etc. These music companies were instrumental in making her a household name in Rajasthan and beyond.

Albums that Shot Seema Mishra to Fame

Her fans have always loved her sweet and enchanting voice! Be it Hindi or Rajasthani songs, Seema’s musical expertise has won her many accolades and awards. She has sung her most-hummed songs to win many contests and competitions worldwide. Her unmatched voice quality has made her shows the most awaited musical events for decades in a row.

Some of Seema Mishra’s most popular albums include:

Ghumar (4-Parts)
Chand Chado Gignar
Kuva par Ekli (2-Parts)
Balam Chhoto So
Chude Chamka

and many more!

Seema Mishra – Musical Trysts with Veena Music

Lovers of regional and Hindi musical albums would know how Veena Music launched and promoted Seema with a bang. Veena Music fostered her Rajasthani music via albums and beautifully-choreographed cultural programs. These stage shows were held across Rajasthan, India and abroad. “Ghoomar” - Veena Music’s high-selling Rajasthani songs album has made Seema the undisputed queen of regional music!

Shemaroo Music and Seema Mishra – The Musical Combo

There are several albums by Shemaroo Entertainment that do full justice to Seema’s melodious voice. These albums have positioned Seema as the best female singer from the golden state of Rajasthan!

KS Records

KS Records is an upcoming recording studio who have also been collaborating with Seema Mishra in getting her music to the masses, especially the current younger generation with many singles and other upcoming music titles.

Aum Bhakti

Aum Bhakti has worked extensively with Seema Mishra for almost a decade in producing many Spiritual and Rajasthani Tracks under many of their branches. One such including Bombay Beats with whom she has an upcoming Hindi Playback Release as well.

T-Series and Rajasthani Music @ Seema Mishra

Super Cassettes Industries Private Limited or T-Series, has accredited Seema with several Rajasthani and Hindi music soundtracks. Regional music portals and YouTube videos have immortalized the mind-blowing songs sung by Seema Mishra for T-Series.

The Singing Sensation – Lata Mangeshkar of Rajasthan

Accredited with over 750 hindi songs, Rajasthani folk songs, and bhajans, Seema is oft-compared to the “Nightingale of India – Lata Mangeshkar. Moving onwards as the pride of the desert state of Rajasthan, she is all set to make new music and waves. Watch out for her latest albums and songs with Soulcup Entertainment.

Seema Mishra’s journey continues…………